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Ready To Sing


Improve your singing and learn the vocal techniques you need to develop your style and sing the songs that you want to sing! Eve Soto specializes in customized vocal training to help you reach your singing goals. Sessions are recorded for your convenience. Breathing,Pitch,Range,Vibrato, Sound Quality, Diction,Placement/Vocal Control, Harmony, Improvisation, Styling & song performance


Eve Soto (your vocal coach) explains and describes in the lessons the vocal techniques that you will be practicing. The exercises are great way to follow up the lessons, easy to follow and an effective way to improve your singing technique. The exercises and workouts are put to pop style music so learning, practicing or just warming up is not only fun but I will enjoy hearing your singing improve as you sing the vocal exercises and workouts!

You can order the Ready To Sing CD’s or Download.

New Lessons CD/Download

Breathing, Pitch, Vocal flexibility.

Strengthen & Increase Your Range

Sustaining, Vibratto & Crescendo.


Award winning Vocal producer, song writer, and recording engineer Eve Soto is ready to help you bring out the star power of your voice. Learn the technical aspects to singing and develop a unique sound all your own. Eve works with vocal artists of all levels. Beginner to advanced, children and adults. Eve can work with you privately,coach you in one of her vocals workshops. choir coaching or enhance your singing presentation in SKYPE/online sessions. For singers on the go, Eve offers downloadable lessons so you can practice ANYTIME!

Fine tune your singing voice with the artistic guidance of Eve Soto, bringing Record industry, Stage and film experience to each and every sessions.