Corinne Henneberry
Yonkers N.Y.

Has a role in "Music And Lyrics" starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant.

"Ready To Sing Exercises and workouts has just the right vibe for me!
I have to keep up with my singing, dancing and acting.
I enjoy eve's innovative approach to teaching. I workout with the
exercises in between all of my classes!"
Mount Vernon NY

Aspiring R&B and Reggae Singer, Model, Actress.

The Vocal Lessons provided by Eve were very effective, very
fun and also challenging. The lessons also helped me to be
vocally open and less shy. I enjoyed !! It's totally worth a try,
you won't regret, Just Buy !!
Peter Kelly
Yonkers N.Y.

Peter is the Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter for the pop/rock band Hemenway and the guitarist for Shannon, best known for her 80's hits "Let the Music Play" and "Give Me Tonight." He is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in music performance.

"After years of studying voice with very traditional and technical teachers, I found Eve Soto's methods to be the most effective. Her exercises are far more applicable to performance then conventional approaches. She has helped me to get my mind out of the music's way and my confidence as a singer has never been stronger. Eve's "Ready to Sing" method is a breakthrough for singers of all levels."
Amalia Gervasutti
Westchester NY

"I am an aspiring model and singer. I took interest in Eve's vocal lessons as a way to improve and learn different vocal techniques. As part of my training I was introduced to the vocal exercises. I find them as much entertaining as they are helpful. I practice them while I am at the computer doing work or surfing the net . I do not find myself dedicating a special amount of time doing them, but rather in my leisure and have still seen an improvement in technique, control and breathing. And it always remains fun for me. I would recommend them to anyone with a busy life as they are so easy to fit into a complex schedule.

Best of luck."
Samson Haris
LA, California

Voice Over Talent, Entertainer

"I Luv It !"
Laura Hart
Hartsdale NY

Pop Country singer and songwriter.

"I am recording my album in Nashville.

The Ready To Sing Exercises are the best tool in my singers toolbox! It has helped me develop the techniques I need as a singer/recording artist. The exercises are fun and have helped me to strengthen my voice and my confidence."